Saturday, 10 March 2012

Olives - Reading and Signing in Beirut

There’s going to be a talk about, reading and signing of Olives in Beirut, at the highly salubrious Librarie El Bourj at 5.00pm on the 29th March 2010. The event will also showcase Lebanese artist Naeema Zarif’s work on the book’s cover and there’ll also be a display of more layered, polymesmeric images teased from the Zarif brain.

I’ve long planned to do this event and, thanks to the support of my friends over at Levant Distribution, especially Therese Nasr, as well as Michel Choueri and Chantal Sfeir over at Librarie El Bourj, it’s now on the cards.

I had always planned the Middle East edition of Olives would be on sale in Beirut and Amman. Finding I can’t get the book onto bookshelves in Amman was something of a blow, particularly as the book’s set in Jordan. No such problems existed next door, though, and Olives is loud and proud on Lebanese bookshelves.

You’ll find Librarie El Bourj on the Place Des Martyrs behind the Annahar building.

There’ll be more information about the event, you can be sure, closer to the date – but if you’re in Beirut, mark your diary and we’ll maybe have some fun together...

Here's the Facebook event page!
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