Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Olives - Creaky Old Blog Final Post Shock Horror

Fran├žais : Olives vertes
Fran├žais : Olives vertes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm feeling a tad guilty - the Olives Blog is looking a little creaky since I finished my run through the book with excerpts and commentary on its content.

Moving on to publish Beirut - An Explosive Thriller rather took the place of promoting Olives, including updating the blog. But then I'd already shared pretty much all there was to share about the book and its characters.

You can find out more about Olives - A Violent Romance here at the Olives Website. And there's loads to discover about Beirut - An Explosive Thriller here at the Beirut Website. I warn you, they're very different books indeed!

Now I've published Shemlan: A Deadly Tragedy, the last book of what I ended up calling The Levant Cycle - three books that take place in the same timeline and the same part of the world. You can find out about Shemlan here.

For updates and news, you're probably best catching me at @alexandermcnabb. I'll be more than happy to answer questions, chat or answer complaints from people whose family name appears in my books or who think Jordanians don't drink or make love or whatever other cosy myths my books have inadvertently shattered. Alternatively, there's always www.alexandermcnabb.com!
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